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Beacons Heatmap

We’re tracking you with beacons

Why we’ve ventured into the world of understanding user behaviour.

We’ve been exploring the power of beacon technology to not only provide better contextual awareness to applications, but to allow app developers and retail brands to better understand their audiences, through location-based user analytics.

Here’s a rundown on some key stakeholder perspectives…

The Developers

These are the designers and engineers behind the scenes that are literally tracking hundreds or thousands of data-points for every second that you’re around our beacons. Don’t worry though, meaningful, and usually anonymized, analysis is the only way that we actually know what you’re up to.

Complex algorithms are sorting, parsing, aggregating, and extrapolating these data-points into heat maps and path diagrams for your favourite brands to better understand your behaviour.

The Retailers

These are the companies that invest a lot of money to understand your buying motivations. It’s their business to understand the latest trends and how to get their great products into your hands.

However, many of these retailers are stocking their shelves based on the hunches of ‘placement experts,’ rather than actual facts. Personally, I’d prefer to analyze real-time analysis of real customers, but that’s just me.

The Consumers

Finally, these are the people that make everything possible. It’s their business to use the apps and buy the clothes. But what really motivates them?

As mentioned, they want immediate access to the greatest products. Unfortunately, they also don’t want to be spammed by shotgun-approach email campaigns (retailers, please stop doing this).

Luckily, many are downloading apps that deliver great content and offers. This is the opportunity to communicate to them in their comfort medium, but again, don’t be spammy.

What about the ‘creep’ factor

Ok, yes, what we’re doing is a bit creepy. We’re able to track almost exactly what your doing when you visit your favourite retail store. We know what you’re looking at. We know where your spending your time. We know how the products should be optimally placed to make you spend more. Creepy.

It’s all for your (the consumer’s) benefit, though. In a world of optimization, we’ve all been asking for immediate access to everything. Location-based user analytics allows exactly that.

Sum it up

So, to recap, brands want to better engage with their audiences, consumers want expedited access to great products, and app developers are harnessing new beacon tech to make it all happen.

Seems pretty simple to me. Creepy, but simple.

This is the kind of cool stuff that we love working with at Two Pixels. Set up a call with us to learn more about how we might be able to work together!

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